Book Donations

We welcome donations of gently used:
      •  Books
      •  CDs (music or audio books)
      •  DVDs
      •  Phonograph records and cassette tapes

Put them in the BIG BLUE BINS under the back counter at the rear of the library. The donated items are sorted daily by the Friends and sold in the Lobby and at our Quarterly Book Sales.  

You can recycle the items we cannot accept!
>  In Walnut Creek, put the items in your blue curb-side recycling bins.  Even hard-cover books can be completely recycled.
>  In Concord, separate hard covers from the pages of the book.  Toss the pages in the blue recycling bins.  Throw the hard covers in the trash.

Please do not donate:
    💦    Water-damaged books
    🚬    Smelly or smokey books
    🐞    Buggy books
      ▪︎     Magazines
      ▪︎     Textbooks older than 10 years
      ▪︎     Travel guides older than 5 years
      ▪︎     Computer books older than 5 years
      ▪︎     Encyclopedia sets
      ▪︎     Out of area yearbooks
      ▪︎     VHS Tapes

Large Book Donations:
If you have a large donation, please contact the Friends at and we will do our best to meet you at the YV Library to accept the donation.

We also welcome (tax-deductible) financial donations and Matching Gifts!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization – Tax ID number 237067648.

See our Friend-ship Form.

Your Friends and your community thank you
for your donations!