Silent Auction

Auction runs now until 6 pm Monday, March 12, 2019



4 Minecraft handbooks
Essential, Construction, Combat & Redstone

Starting bid: $15       Minimum raise: $5


50 Places to Fly Fish + Complete Book of Fishing
Starting bid: $10       Minimum raise: $5


Most Beautiful Villages of Ireland
What a perfect St. Paddy’s Day gift!
Starting bid: $10         Minimum raise: $5


Fascinating Women
Rise of the Rocket Girls  and  Cleopatra: A Life
Starting bid: $10       Minimum raise: $5


Guide to Monuments in Ireland +  Legends & Folklore
Starting bid: $10       Minimum raise: $5


Wizard of Menlo Park +  Measure of All Things
Starting bid: $10        Minimum raise: $5


9 Diaries of a Wimpy Kid
Starting bid: $25         Minimum raise: $5


Emerald Cities Arts of Siam & Burma
Starting bid: $10         Minimum raise: $5


Giada’s Feel Good Food
Starting bid: $10          Minimum raise: $5

DETAILS – Every month, the Friends hold a Silent Auction.  Interesting, unusual, and nearly-new books are continuously offered.  Bidders determine the prices.  To bid, just enter your bid amount in the red binder hanging at the Silent Auction display case in the Library.  Bids typically increase in $5.00 increments.  Be sure to stop by the library to see if you have competition, and raise your bid if needed to win the item.  Winning bidders are notified by phone.  Take a look the next time you visit the library!